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    The First are a race of godlike beings who inhabit the planet of Elysia in the Crossgen Universe. These Gods have divided their race into two separate factions, House Sinister and House Dexter.

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    The First and their children known as Secundae, are seen as Gods in the Crossgen universe and many of them make different appearances in the Crossgen titles. The First represent very powerful, nearly immortal beings, who are each based on a single emotion. Their names are derived from this one emotion that should govern their personality, although it is quite evident from the series that the First are a complex group of people who can feel a wide range of emotions.

    In the beginning, a transitioned Atlantean named Solusandra created Altwaal. He was the first of The First and as such, was the most powerful. Solusandra then created the other members of this race, but soon left them on their own to be lead by Altwaal. The next six to be created after Altwaal also held much power. Ingra, Trenin, Gannish, Pyrem, Orium, and Yala  held less power than Altwaal, but more power than all other members of the First. Because the First were not told of their true origin, the members of The First thought themselves to be the first beings in the history of creation, hence the reason they named themselves "The First". Soon after their creation, however, the Age of Wars occurred, but was eventually stopped by Altwaal. The First then lead a peaceful existence until some members became dissatisfied with their way of life and wished for Altwaal to step down as leader and instead be ruled by a council. Those who wished this to happen thought a council would be better able to represent all of their race. The First often debated this subject for hours at a time until an assassination attempt was made on Altwaal himself, by the Goddess known as Tulity. However, the bolt that was meant for Altwaal struck his lover, Raamia, killing her instead. Stricken with grief, Altwaal defied the law of nature to bring Raamia back to life, which outraged many members of the First, and ultimately lead to their second civil war. Eventually, Altwaal ended the war by forcing the members of the First into two different camps which were based on their ancient alliances. He then forced them to choose to either stay where they had been placed, or switch sides before he ultimately created the Eidolon Rift which divided Elysia into two houses, House Sinister, whose members place themselves before all others, and House Dexter, whose members place all others before themselves. While the members of both Houses seem to enjoy remaining seperate to bemoan their differences, it should be noted that many older members of the First seem to have no issue working with another First from the opposite House, as they still remember what life was like when the Houses were one.

    Peace and boredom followed after the Eidolon Rift was created, until Sigil-Bearers (humans with a mark allowing them to access universal energy) were created by the same transitioned Atleantean that created them. The Sigil-Bearers quickly caught the attention of the First because for centuries, they were the ones who gave power to humans, and now something unknown had granted it. The First were also weary of the Sigil-Bearers after learning that they could be killed by them. In order to assess how much of a threat the Sigil-Bearers were, Ingra, leader of House Sinister, and Pyrem, leader of House Dexter, sent many members of their respective Houses to observe and report information on the sigil-bearers.

    Life still goes on as normal in Elysia however, until the Secundae of House Dexter, lead by Seahn, demand an equal footing with the first-born members of their race. This never comes to fruition, however, due to the fact that he and his father Braag, a member of House Sinister, stage a coup to take the thrown from Ingra. Although they succeed, Seahn's rule is short lived due in part to Solusandra's sudden return in search of the seven weapons she created for Altwaal. She reveals to the First that they are not the true Gods of the universe, but are in fact her creations. The First, as passionate as they are, refuse this information and instead try to defeat their creator. Unfortunately she is unsympathetic and many of the First are killed as a result. Altwaal soon returns after Solusandra departs, rallying the First together in order to help prepare for the war with the Negation, an invading empire from another dimension. However, the Crossgen company soon filed for bankruptcy and the title was canceled before the First could go to war with the Negation's version of Gods called Lawbringers.


    Members of the First are capable of using vast amounts of power for a variety of purposes by manipulating universal energy. While the full limits of their powers were never clearly stated, all members of the First are capable of using the same abilities. However, power differences did exist as many of the First focused on specific power types and excelled in those areas. Very few, such as Altwaal and Ingra have perfected most of the power at their disposal. Age and the amount of universal energy a First could store also contributed to how powerful they could be. Because of this, the majority of the Secundae were much weaker than the first-born members of the First. A number of abilities have been displayed which includes, but is not limited to; super strength, speed, self propelled flight, single or mass teleportation, extra sensory perception, object and sentient life creation, magic, the ability to control a number of energy types in a variety of ways, regeneration, telepathy, empathy, and the ability to survive in the vacuum of space without the need for food, water, or oxygen. The First are also capable of changing their physical appearance including their clothing with a thought, but many of them choose their external features based on how they feel about themselves or what their current environment is at the time. Also, it has been proven to be quite difficult to kill a member of the First, however, it is possible when vast amounts of energy are used. Sigil-bears are also capable of killing members of the First, which frightens them, due to the fact that death is rarely seen among their race.


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