The Fearsome Five

    Team » The Fearsome Five appears in 26 issues.

    Currently The Fearsome Four (as Negaduck has struck out on his own) is an evil team in the Darkwing Duck universe

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    The team started out as a group of Darkwing Duck's Worst Enemies: The Liquidator, Quackerjack, Megavolt, Bushroot, and Darkwing's negative version: Negaduck, who was the boss. Their objective in teaming up was to take over St. Canard and deal with Darkwing Duck. Step One of their plan was for Quackerjack and Megavolt to disable the city's electric system, which they succeeded to do even with the interference of Darkwing and Morgana McCawber. Step two was to disable the St. Canard Police Department, whom Liquidator and Bushroot dealt with a large beanstalk and finally step three was to disable S.H.U.S.H., which Negaduck had the pleasure of doing with their own experimental SVACO-650 Pie gun. With all that done, they were able to cut the city off with the national guard and all other help. However, they one obstacle in the way of their absolute control of St. Canard and that is Darkwing Duck and his band of reluctant heroes, including Morgana, DW, Stegmutt, Gizmo duck, and Neptunia. Although this ragtag team, which was called Justice Ducks, were captured and Darkwing nearly killed, they were able to over power the villains and save the day, for Monday at least.


    This team was created for Disney TV show Darkwing Duck episode "Just Us, Justice Ducks". They have appeared in the adaptation of their origin story (Just Us, Justice Ducks), and also another appearance in Disney Afternoon the comic series. They have more recently appeared in Boom! Studios' comic ongoing series Darkwing Duck.

    Major Arcs

    Duck Knight Returns

    When the streets of St. Canard were cleaned up by the crimebots, the five were forced to work at Quackwerks after Negaduck's capture prevents them from continuing being thieves. However, these desk jobs don't do good for Quackerjack who decides to get the team back together. Finally, after kidnapping Megavolt, the team is complete. Negaduck is still absent from he team, but after Negaduck attacks Darkwing's home without inviting the other four. He also destroyed Mr. Banana brains, which makes Quackerjack have a grudge agianst him. Anywho, following "Sparky"'s reunitement with his teammates, the group targets all the toy facilitates which Quackerjack was forced to work for. The Four were going to also target the places the others worked and hated, but they saw there were other fish to fry: the also newly returned Darkwing Duck! After a bit of cat in mouse chase (with the Four being the cat, they are ultimately captured by quackworks robots. They are also present when Taurus Bulba is revealed to be the new leader of Quackwerks. They all were sent to prison.

    Crisis on Infinite Darkwings and Annual

    Megavolt and Bushroot are revealed to be still in prison, but the other two escaped. The Liquidator was taken against his will from his water tight cell by the same force which was making Audubon Bay a little crazy and swallowing people. He is currently still out of prison, though he is out of the control of Paddywhack. Quackerjack escaped as well (on purpose) and attacks the Whiffle Boy corperation. In a turn of events, Quackerjack changes himself into a doll. Negaduck was also out of prison, but he had joined forces with Magica De Spell and he did not socialize with any of the fearsome four to rejoin their group again.

    With Quackerjack now a toy and Negaduck now in lots of tiny pieces, it seems like we will not be seeing the team for a very long time. But Who knows?



    Dr. Bushroot

    The Liquidator


    Mr. Banana Brains

    Negaduck (kicked out)


    In the Negaverse (home of Negaduck), there is a team similar to the Fearsome Five [also Minus One], but instead of siding with Negaduck (like the non-Negaverse villains did) they created their own rebel group, but were to scared to fight. This team is called the "Friendly Five".

    However, Darkwing Duck came and helped them out. AND gave them some great catch phrases and some questionable choice in clothing as well.


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