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Colonel Eisen is a commander in the German Army during World War II and is in command of the German forces occupying the Warshaw Ghetto, located in the country of Poland. While Colonel Eisen was in charge of the Warshaw Ghetto he turns it into an awful place, as he desires to kill all of Warshaw's Jewish residents but is prevented from doing so by the orders from his superiors. Eisen decides to rule from a fortress that is on the other side of a wall that blocks off the Ghetto, as he wants nothing to do with Warshaw and is sickened by its residents.

The cruel treatment to the Jewish people by Eisen and his soldiers gets to a point that a Jewish member of the Ghetto attempts to kill him by using a bomb. The explosion is unsuccessful in killing the Colonel but does manage to scar one half of his face; and as a result Eisen begins to wear an iron mask to hide his disfigurement. The wound and mask, combined with the horrendous treatment of Jewish people he orders, eventually leads to Colonel Eisen earning himself the nickname of "The Face." Captain America soon hears of the actions of the Face and aims to put a stop to them.

The Invaders (Steve Rogers as Captain America, James "Bucky" Barnes, Human Torch, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Toro ,Union Jack , Spitfire, Miss America and the super-fast Whizzer) are taken to Eisen's castle after being gassed and captured while trying to rescue The Golem (Jacob Goldstein) out of the Warshaw Ghetto. The jailers working for the Face are able to neutralize the powers of the heroes thereby ensuring they remain captured, though he wanted to kill the team of heroes, Eisen reveals that his orders are to bring them to Berlin where the Fuhrer awaits, the Colonel was hoping to make a good impression by presenting the shield of Captain America. Eisen settles for torturing each of the Invaders but as he gets to Spitfire, she asks him if he's scared of women, and in reply the Face was about to hit her but Captain America drew his attention away and took the brunt of the beating via riding-whip. Captain america was however able to fight back by kicking the Colonel with both hsi feet and stagger him, though Eisen's best torturer came up behind Captain America and knocked him in the back of the head to allow Eisen the chance to subdue him but refrained from killing them since his orders were to bring them alive.

Eisen proceeds to order Captain America's shield examined to find out more about it, and what it is made, though the scientist assigned is unable to figure out either of these things and draws the ire of the Face just as the wall of the castle is broken down by the Golem. Eisen makes a move to grab Captain America's shield to defend himself while shooting his luger at the Golem, however, upon seeing the shield of Captain America the Golem deduces that the rest of the Invaders might also be there and allows Eisen to escape to concentrate on locating them. The Invaders are freed and gain their powers back, and the Colonel witnesses the team obliterate all of the soldiers under his command with little difficulty and makes to run away with Captain America's shield still in his possession; yet, the Golem is able to capture him. In fear for his life Eisen literally begs the Golem to spare him, offering the Golem power and money, The Golem doesn't verbally reply but rather slaps Eisen in the face and pushes him to his death out of a window.


The character of The Face was created for use in Marvel Comics by Frank Robbins, Frank Springer, and Roy Thomas. His first appearance is in Invaders #13 which was released in February, 1977.

Character Evolution

Colonel Werner Eisen is a vile and despicable man, a racist psychopath who took joy in harming other people during the war, specially Jewish individuals. He like his superiors, though that Jewish people were inferior to German's, and considered keeping them alive and breathing a waste of air and resources. So concerned with his vanity and hiding his scarred face he took to wearing an iron mask that covered the burned half of his face. In the end Colonel Eisen is shown to be the coward he always was, begging for his life once the tables turn and he is no longer the one in power.

Powers and Abilities

The Face has no innate superpowers, though he has the average strength and fighting ability of a soldier due to his military training in the German Army during World War II. He typically carries a Luger pistol and riding-whip on his person.


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