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A world class computer expert in the same way as Oracle, He was even compared to Oracle by Tim Drake. He was not loyal to Ra's al Ghul like the rest of the League of Assassins since he had a family and two daughter with whom he lived. He was recruited into the ranks of the League of Assassin against his will when his skills were deemed "necessary" for the running of the main headquarters of the League known as "the cradle".

He had little choice but to co operate when the white ghost had his family under constant surveillance by his ninja assassins. If he ever tried to escape or did not co operate they would be killed. Over time he came to accept his station and grew into it.

At an unknown time however he was infected with the spider eggs of Sac of the council of spiders which made him their unwitting pawn in their bid to hunt down and kill the league itself and its leader Ra's.

Tim Drake did not trust The Expediter and said that if anyone had betrayed him it was him.

When Red Robin allies with Ra's to run the League and help them fend off the council he is very hesitant. In the end though he is devoured from the inside out when the eggs hatch and spiders swarm from every pore.


The Expediter was created by Christopher Yost and Ramon Bachs for use in DC Comics. His first appearance is in Red Robin #5 which was released in December of 2009. The Expediter's last appearance and death occurred in Red Robin #6 which was released in January of 2010.

Powers and Abilities

Expert in the field of computing able to multitask and run a computer database comparable to Oracle of the Batman family. He is also proficient in hand to hand combat.


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