The Eldest

    Character » The Eldest appears in 19 issues.

    Leader of the Scy'ar Tal. He led his people against the Shi'ar under Vulcan's rule.

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    The Eldest is the leader of the Scy'ar Tal species. He is the only distinguishable being of what is otherwise a hive like community, as his position allows for such honor, with all the other Scy'ar Tal conforming to the collective, and individuality being otherwise nonexistent. The Scy'ar Tal can also sometimes be referred to as the M'Kraan. The Elder hosts a larger and stockier build than his brothers, and their collective beliefs grant him additional power, resilience and energy manipulation capabilities. They are bitter enemies of the Shi'ar race and The Elder is tactical mind orchestrating this millennium year old retribution. With his brothers bringing new info about the Shi'ar, the Eldest makes immediate plans to end the Shi'ar and heads toward the then leader Vulcans ship. He confronts Vulcan and his Praetor Gladiator but is defeated.   


    The Eldest was created by Christopher Yost, Paco Diaz Luque and Vincente Cifuentes, and first appeared in X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #1. 

    Power and Abilities

    The Scy'ar Tal in general, were strong, aggressive species, with the ability to  communicate and interact with each other telepathically, and with the ability to produce a blue flame like energy blast. The Elder however could call on energy from the collective Scy'ar Tal, greatly augmenting his strength to such an extent that he could break the wrist of the Shi'ar Imperial Guardsman Gladiator, and increase durability to contend with the energy manipulator Vulcan. One previous Elder lived over a 1000 years, so its likely that The Elder lifespan is significantly lengthly.    

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