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The very werewolf who turned Gary Hampton into Wolf-Man. His intentions were unknown, yet there were some theories to why he did, after the news of Sgt. Superior and the death of his wife Rebecca, Wolf-Man headed back to Willows Creek, Montana where it all began. The Elder instead found him asking why his victim he sought him out, Wolf-Man wanted his training. That night The Elder began attacking the confused Wolf-Man, though he said he was only looking for training, Elder replied, "This is what you want!" Gary's thoughts of the old werewolf made him look insane. But after a dashing slash at each other, The Elder was truly impressed and left him alone for the night, after completing his first trial in his training. The next day, the injured Wolf-Man losing the fight with Agent Hunter, Elder returned and saved him by slashing Hunter's top half diagonally and hurling him a great distance giving Wolf-Man time to escape with Elder and to pull out the bullets lodged in Wolf-Man's flesh.

As Wolf-Man was about to take into human form The Elder stopped him from doing so, as part of his next task. The Elder warned him that transformation alone would eventually become a crutch, something his enemies can exploit. Wolf-Man was more confused with werewolf trials than ever, and The Elder had to show him the hard way, the large werewolf attacked Wolf-Man, driving his claw straight through Wolf-Man's chest and back, the same as Wolf-Man did to Sgt. Superior during his moon rage. Now on the floor, Wolf-Man, dying and losing a massive amount of blood, was forced to stay in wolf form, The Elder's trial was to teach Wolf-Man how to control his blood loss and stay calm in these situations, a werewolf's healing is all in the breathing, Wolf-Man began following his directions and began breathing calmly and steadily, finally before Wolf-Man passed out, Elder quickly told Wolf-Man to transform back. Finally taking human form, Gary would pass out, but completely healed during his next trial.

Several hours later, when Gary would wake up, Elder left food for Gary to hold him for the day, but his third trail was the toughest on Gary. Elder's third trial was surviving alone in the forests, using his common sense, natural instincts and survival instincts as both human and werewolf. The last night with Wolf-Man's training, now complete, Elder warns Wolf-Man that now that his training is complete, he is no longer welcomed in his forest, and cannot share his presence again. In a short time Wolf-Man's enemies Thrill-Kill, Eruptor, and Construct, otherwise a small trio called Triple Threat were destroying the forest in Willows Creek, Montana only to be brutally defeated by The Elder himself and left for the rangers to find and turn in.

Later it is shown that The Elder has something big planned for Wolf-Man's future as a werewolf. Weeks later, after Wolf-Man's escape from prison, thanks to a psychotic villain called The Face with the assistance of Construct and Eruptor, The Elder arrives to one of the tribes that was lead by the chieftain known as Jacobson, a newly appointed friend to Wolf-Man after avenging his infant daughter's death by Zechariah, The Elder tells Jacobson to gather their brethren. The Elder is seen making an announcement of rejoice and happiness, because he had promised a time to bring all werewolves together to bring about a new age to their existence, which was called The Gathering, however, to make sure Wolf-Man would be tested, The Elder had marked Wolf-Man to be killed by all the werewolves to test his strength against hordes of his own kind. As the attack failed in killing Wolf-Man, with the result of Gary losing his best friend Dunford, The Elder was now sure that Gary would go through one final trial, a one on one battle to the death between himself and Wolf-Man, however it seemed Wolf-Man was set on rescuing his own daughter from Zechariah. As many attempts failed to make the two pure bloods battle The Elder decided to give Wolf-Man twenty four hours, after which they would finally have their battle as the Elder wanted.

Finally Wolf-Man's time had ended and The Elder arrived to the battle scene between Wolf-Man and Zechariah. The vampire pleaded Gary to help him kill The Elder, but as Gary refused, The Elder did what Wolf-Man had tried to do since the murder of his beloved wife Rebecca, kill Zechariah. The Elder dug his massive claw into the vampire's chest, pulled out his still beating heart and ate it, thus killing Zechariah once and for all. Now with the distraction over, The Elder turned his attention towards Gary and began his challenge, The reasons for Gary's accident was revealed, long before Gary was born, many year back, possible during the time of knighthood, it was shown that the werewolves were not ruled by one elder, but by a council of elders. The last elder turned began a power hungry slaughter, killing the other elder broods leaving himself the one and only, his hunger for power did not end, it turned towards ruling man, which lead to werewolves lurking into the shadows fading from existence. As penance The Elder chose to live in exile and for centuries has lived alone in what was now known as Willows Cree, Montana, which was when he first saw Gary for the first time.

There was no explanation to why The Elder was drawn to him, but over the years he had been observing Gary in the darkness, seeing his generosity to those less fortunate, his endless love towards his late wife, and his courage to risk his own life to protect his family. The Elder had even observed Gary outside of Montana and in New York City, seeing that Gary was already a man of power, yet incorruptible by all that power in his success. He had chosen a replacement and finally made his move, it wasn't by chance he turned Gary, it was by fate, and now pleading Gary to kill him, The Elder had began to hold him down into a choke hold, cutting out his breath, leading to Wolf-Man, clawing open The Elder's throat, slowly killing him, as custom to werewolves, the Alpha, if brought down, appoints the victor rite of passage as Alpha, with more blood loss than ever, The Elder's left the world with only dying words, a promise for Wolf-Man to keep. The Elder's intentions were noble in order to save their kind, he would have Wolf-Man lead them into a new age, a time when they were once great, and now with Gary as the new Elder, they can be great again, as The Elder believes.


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