The Eighth Sphere of Hell

    Location » The Eighth Sphere of Hell appears in 32 issues.

    Often called the Malebolge or The Eighth Plane, The Eighth Sphere is one of the levels of Hell as described in Dante's Divine Comedy.

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    The Eighth Sphere is thought to be one of the highest levels of Hell. The Eighth Sphere has gone through many rulers, the most infamous of which was the Malebolgia. The Eighth Sphere of Hell is often portrayed in the way that Hell normally is, but it should also be noted that only a few of the Spheres of Hell actually appear in the form that most imagine it (lakes and rivers of fire, brimstone, e.t.c.).

    The Eighth Sphere has gone through many lords and rulers .... here are a few of them in the order in which they reigned, and how they came to power:

    • Malebolgia

      • Created by an ancient demon of unknown origin who was the ruler of The Eighth Sphere at the time, He proved to be too powerful and killed his creator so as to rule the Eighth Sphere.
    • Spawn

      • After Malebolgia had released Urizen on Earth, Spawn and Angela went to Hell to kill Malebolgia, Angela was unfortunately killed in battle and Spawn then beheaded Malebolgia, unknowingly becoming ruler of The Eighth Sphere in the process.
    • Cogliostro

      • After Spawn had been drawn back into Hell During later events, Cogliostro received a box from Mammon, Cogliostro then committed suicide to join Spawn in Hell. However once there he revealed himself to be the very first murderer Cain and kicked Spawn out of Hell giving him his face and body back, and took over The Eighth Sphere as the new ruler. He used the vast armies of Hell to build a tower to heaven. Cain later gave control over the Eighth Sphere to more powerful demons.

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