The Eel

    Character » The Eel appears in 21 issues.

    Aquaman's enemy with telekinetic powers.

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    A criminal with mild telekinetic powers, Mort Coolidge had a career in both Gotham City and San Diego before the quake that sunk half of that city. Here he found his powers far more effective, figuring out that he had great control over water. He tried to take over the entire criminal underworld of the city, but was stopped by Aquaman, aided by the only undersea creatures that could penetrate the Eel's wall of solid water – microscopic plankton.

    Eel was one of the underwater criminals that attacked Sub Diego at the same time the Spectre attacked. Eel tries to crush Tula with his telekinetic control over the water but Aquaman summons an orca to go after Eel. Within seconds, Eel is devoured by the orca.

    Alternate Versions


    In the DC universe sweeping event Flashpoint, the Eel is a member of the Deathstroke's Pirate Crew on the ship The Ravager. Captain Deathstroke breaks the Eel and other prisoners out of jail on the Island of Saint Helena and has them join his crew. The Captain orders the Eel to keep watch on the another reluctant crew member known as Sonar. After Deathstroke is gravely injured by Aquaman, the Eel and Sonar use their abilities to help him recover. Later when the crew mutinies on Deathstroke, Eel kills Hanscarl, a Deathstroke loyalist. Later, when Deathstroke finally catches up to him, he runs Eel through with his broadsword killing the pirate.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Eel possesses a number of skills and abilities enhanced by his equipment

    Aquatic Telekinesis

    His telekinesis increases underwater. He is able to control and change the density of water. His control is great, allowing him to manipulate water inside someone's body or use water to crush his opponents.

    Experienced Criminal

    The Eel is an experienced criminal, and was able to take control of Sub-Diego's illegal operations on his own.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Special Underwater Suit

    He wears special armor that allows him to breath and function underwater. The suit also offers some measure of protection, as he was able to withstand some direct hits from Aquaman for a brief time.


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