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Science Fantasy tales of a weird nature! This classic volume collects issues #19-#22 of the groundbreaking comics anthology Weird Fantasy, as well as #25 and #26 of Weird Science-Fantasy-- fully remastered in digital color! Featuring strange and exciting tales from iconic writers and artists including Al Feldstein, Jack Kamen, Wally Wood, Joe Orlando, Al Williamson, and more!


Weird Fantasy #19 (May-June 1953)

  • King of the Grey Spaces!
  • Hot-Rod!
  • Cleanser
  • Cosmic Correspondence
  • Brain-Child!
  • Time For A Change!

Weird Fantasy #20 (July-August 1953)

  • ...For Us the Living!
  • I, Rocket!
  • Discovery!
  • Cosmic Correspondence
  • ...Conquers All!
  • The Automaton

Weird Fantasy #21 (September-October 1953)

  • My Home...
  • Saved
  • Millennium!
  • Cosmic Correspondence
  • Planely Possible
  • The Million Year Picnic

Weird Fantasy #22 (November-December 1953)

  • The Silent Towns
  • The Freaks
  • Public Service!
  • Cosmic Correspondence
  • The Fossil
  • Derelict Ship

Weird Science-Fantasy #25 (September 1954)

  • Flying Saucer Report
  • A Sound of Thunder
  • The Crisis
  • Cosmic Correspondence
  • bellyful
  • Harvest

Weird Science-Fantasy #26 (December 1954)

  • Was This "Fairly Heavy Body" A Flying Saucer?
  • The Eastern Airlines Case [Project Saucer Case No. 144]
  • The Forman-Fargo, N.D., Case
  • The Mantell-Godman Case [Project Saucer Case No. 33]
  • The Muroc Air Force Base Case [Project Saucer Case Number 1]
  • The United Air Lines Emmett, Idaho Case [Project Saucer Case No. 10]
  • Was This the Answer?
  • The Dec. 27, 1949 Release
  • 1950 Sightings--The Chicago and Southern Airlines-Stuttgart, Arkansas Sighting
  • The 1950 Hamilton Air Force Base, California Case
  • The Rev. Ross Vermillion-Kingman, Kansas Case
  • 1951 Sightings--The Rogers-Ballard Mitchell Air Force Base Case
  • The Kaliszewski-Moore Statements
  • Footnote On C. B. Moore [Project Saucer Case No. 122]
  • 1952 Sightings--The Secretary Kimball Case
  • The Utah Pictures
  • The Indianapolis Case
  • The Nash-Fortenberry Case
  • The River Edge, N.J. Case
  • Saucers Over Washington, D.C.
  • The 1952 Hamilton A.F.B. Case
  • Recent Developments


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Story Arcs

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