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Before Two-Fisted Tales burst onto the scene in 1950, war comics were largely unsophisticated, focusing only on action and adventure--wartime propaganda, essentially. But under the editorial direction of Harvey Kurtzman--who also penned the majority of the stories therein--Two-Fisted Tales dared to examine all the horror and madness to be found on the battlefield.

Foreword by Colleen Coover!


Two-Fisted Tales #36 (January 1954)

  • Gunfire!
  • Battle! (Based on Robert Grave's Claudius the God)
  • Lone Wolf Constable
  • Justice!
  • Dangerous Man!

Two-Fisted Tales #37 (April 1954)

  • Action!
  • Warrior!
  • How Jim Thorpe Began To Play Football
  • Two-Fisted Talk
  • Homemade Blitz!
  • Showdown!

Two-Fisted Tales #38 (July 1954)

  • Lost City!
  • Warpath!
  • Captain Richard Francis Burton
  • Two-Fisted Talk
  • Bullets!
  • Stampede!

Two-Fisted Tales #39 (October 1954)

  • Uranium Valley!
  • Oregon Trail!
  • Buffalo Bill
  • Two-Fisted Talk
  • The Secret!
  • Slaughter!

Two-Fisted Tales #40 (December 1954-January 1955)

  • Dien Bien Phu!
  • Squalus
  • Flaming Coffins!
  • Two-Fisted Talk
  • The Last of the Mohicans!
  • Sharpshooter!

Two-Fisted Tales #41 (February-March 1955)

  • In Memoriam
  • Code of Honor!
  • Mau Mau!
  • Carl Akeley!
  • Kearny!
  • Yellow!


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Story Arcs

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