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The Perks of the Library Corps.

As great as Vertigo is, not all of there work is easily accessible.  The Dreaming is one of those series.  I missed out reading the series in monthly and there is really only two trades as of 2010: Beyond the Shores of Night and Through the Gates of Horn and Ivory. Both books as well are out of print.  The only other The Dreaming story I know of collected in Trade this issue (#55).
With the success of Fables, Vertigo collected Bill Willinghams in 2003 Vertigo collected enough Bill Willingham related work to fill a 200 page trade called The Sandman Presents:Taller Tales, collecting one more forgotten issue of The Dreaming.
I wonder if Vertigo will ever get around to collecting the whole series?  It lasted 60 issues and it extends The Sandman/The Dreaming mythos. Vertigo's House of Secrets was also fairly successful and is uncollected.  With House of Mystery doing well, maybe one day The Dreaming will be released from Lucien's Library
Speaking of Lucien's Library, this story is about Danny Nod, one of Lucien's assistants in The Dreaming's one and only Library. To sum up the plot Lucien trust Danny Nod to round up overdue books that were checked out from the Library.
This is the only Danny Nod story I ever read and I actually enjoyed the character a lot.  Cute little kid with a mouth full of fiction.  His trademark was to speak in quotes from classic books. This smart character is very fitting in Vertigo, which was at one period of time known as comics' Literary publisher, because of books like Sandman. This value he has of Literature makes Danny Nod a true Vertigo Character.
What I enjoyed most about this comic was the rotating artist.  Comics is just as much about art as it is story.  Bill Willingham was smart to have the right artist for the right part of this story, which the art changes the mood and the appeal of comics.  I don't know how he did it, but he got ADAM HUGHES to do a splash page with topless beauties.... Guy or girl, gay or straight, you have to admit Hughes draws women beautifully.  I was also a fan big fan of the Paul Pope pages, his style truly is unique to him and it was nice to see a the classic girl tied-up to the train story done his way... instead of the cyberpunk work it seems he is trying to establish himself as like Batman: Year 100 and Heavy Liquid
Both story and art are married nicely in this comic and is a nice addition to any Vertigo Collector.
4.5/5 Stars
- Silkcuts

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