Doctor Who Season 7 Trailer

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The TARDIS is on the horizon once more with the first trailer for the seventh season of Doctor Who due to begin later this month.

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If you listen at 0:41, The Doctor mentions The Master. It hasn't been said if he's going to appear this season but the way The Doctor said it seems to imply he is in that episode.

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@CrimsonAvenger: Nothing is confirmed but rumors are rife that The Master will return in the 8th season during the 50th anniversary.

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Season 7 is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!! i have not seen the trailer as i am trying to stay away from all spoiler stuff but its doctor who so it has to really try hard in the first place to give a bad episode.

Also anyone know when it is returning i heard it is either the 25th of august or the 1st of september.

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