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    A dark and sinister man who has played a major role in Wolverine and Weapon X series.

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    Before his life was changed forever by Wolverine he was a quiet family man who also happened to be quite handsome. As a soldier he was pretty average but his life would change when he was assigned to the Weapon W complex in the Canadian alps.

    While there a berserk wolverine escaped killing all the soldiers in his path, Colcord was slashed numerous times in the face by what he viewed as a demon. He regained consciousness but his life would never be the same again. After a traumatic recovery he grew bitter, soon he blamed the mutant race for what had happened to him. As he grew more obsessed his wife and children grew more distant. Soon his wife ran off with his children and he sank deeper into his vendetta. He reformed the Weapon X project and became known as “The Director”. What he desired the most was the complete annihilation of the mutant race even though those funding Weapon X thought he planned to use Weapon X as a viable resource.


    The Director was created by and and first appeared in Wolverine Vol.1 issue 160 (2001).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Director of the Weapon X program

    As director he was responsible for recruiting many mutants to his cause such as the deranged killer Sabretooth, Garrison Kane, Deadpool and the ex shield agent Brent Jackson who became his second in command. He also tried to have Wolverine return to the team by way of implants which caused the X-man to kill a US senator. The implants were faulty and apparently only lasted for one use only. He had his second in command send Wolverine and Beast to prison. He then had saber-toothed rescue him and take him to the new Weapon X but with Nick Fury’s help he escaped.

    Logan Files

    For more information see: The Logan Files

    The Director has his newest anti-mutant weapon, The Mutant Power Cannon, taken control of by Sabretooth and used on Wolverine. This does not sit will with the Director and after blaming Jackson, he leads a team to get Sabretooth. Sabretooth's trail leads back to the old Weapon X facuilty, there with a troop of men he coners Sabretooth but the villain teleports away. The Director does manage to find Wolverine dead body. Later Wolverine comes back to life and escapes The Director's grasp again, but as a show of good faith the Director orders Amiko's body brought back to life and sent to Wolverine.


    He then tried to recruit Deadpool, who after initially agreeing went rogue when Copycat, his ex girlfriend, was a target. She died and he left.

    With the failure to recruit Wolverine, Deadpool and Copycat he brought in a set of new recruits which consisted of, Wildchild, Sauron, Mesmero, Aurora, Marrow, Washout and original weapon x member Maverick who they remade into Agent Zero. This team would enable him to get his hands on Madison Jeffries of Alpha Flight fame.

    In addition to this he made a concentration camp where he would send captive mutants, ironically it was called “ Neverland” an allusion to the world of fantasy found in Peter Pan. Once the targets had been captured, they were divided into two separate groups: “useful” and “useless,” designated by a blue x for the first set and a red x for the other. Those who survived would be brainwashed to join the team or have their powers extracted in a painful way.

    In Love with Aurora

    Things became complicated as Colcord slowly fell in love with Aurora, who he was happy with for awhile even undergoing reconstructive surgery for her. But his second in command accused him of hypocrisy and when faced with the reality that he was a “mutant lover” he beat her savagely and disfigured his face once again. He eventually lost the Weapon X project to Jackson and it was only with the help of Aurora and Jeffries did he manage to stay alive.

    Aurora eventually rebelled and abandoned him in the middle of nowhere. He went into exile and eventually sank into madness as he had recurring visions of Wolverine with whom he engaged in frequent discussion. Eventually he returned to Weapon X and with only Jeffries he decides to rebuild the project while he still suffered from hallucinations. He has not been seen since.

    The Director showed himself again in recent issues of Daken, in witch he gets involved in businesses with the son of Wolverine.

    Alternate Realities

    Days Of Future Now

    In this mini-series Colcord joins the Sentinels Colcord joins the X-Men. In this series, Colcord is wearing a white mask to cover his scarred face. At the end of the series, Colcord switches sides and joins the mutants in their plan to send Wolverine back in time and prevent Colcord from being disfigured in the past, which was the true cause for the dystopian time-line. The plan fails though, but current events like Decimation have seemingly made this future an alternate time-line.

    Ultimate Universe

    Malcom Colcord appears as Doctor Cornellius' employer in 1946. Cornelius tells him that the Weapon X project has created the mutant gene. Later, older Colcord appears as Nicky Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. are destroying Weapon X HQ. He tells them that men created mutants and Fury shoots him, deciding that it needs to remain a secret.


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