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    The son of gypsies, Costas Borgas's father was used by the Nazis for genetic experiments in WWII. As a result of this, Costas is able to turn into a werewolf-like creature.

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    Costas first found out about his ability to turn into a werewolf-like beast when he was 38. One night, he was returning home with his girlfriend after a heavy night of drinking. As they walked, Costas's girlfriend told him they shouldn't go through the park, as there had been some murders by an unknown serial killer four times that week (which one of their friends thought might be a werewolf). Still drunk, Costas mocked his girlfriend, and pretended to be a werewolf to frighten her. As she ran off, Costas unexpectedly mutated into a werewolf-like creature, and didn't turn back to a human form until morning. There, he was found by a priest, who was angry that Costas had been drinking, and implied that he hated all drunks in general. 
    That night, Costas apologised to his girlfriend for the previous night, but she said that she had reported it to the police. Combined with the fact that Costas had been found in the park that morning, this led the police (and Nightfighter) to assume that Costas was the serial killer who had been haunting the park. They cornered him and accused him of murdering a priest, and told him to surrender or they'd shoot him.  Under all this pressure, Costas transformed once more into the werewolf-like creature, and ran for the park.
    At the park, Costas witnessed the priest he had met that morning about to kill a drunk homeless man. Costas leapt down and knocked the priest out, but was knocked out by Nightfighter a moment later. When he came to, Nightfighter had realised that Costas was innocent, and explained that the "priest" Costas had met was the actual serial killer, who had killed the real priest when he found out that the previous priest didn't hate alcohol as much as he did. 
    Following this incident, Costas joined the Southern Squadron alongside Nightfighter, Southern Cross and Lieutenant Smith.


    In Costas were form he has increased agility flexibility strength and speed. His ferociousness and sences are also enhanced. He still has inteligent thought but is unable to vocalise for this reason the other members of the Southern Squadron and him have devolped a barking code that they use in combat situation so that he can respond.


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