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Having taken architecture classes at Gotham University, Andre Sinclair became obsessed with the works of Cyrus Pinkney and the idea that they warded off evil. His motives are religious in nature.

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He first attracted the attentions of Batman when he demolished three separate buildings within the space of a single night. Batman quickly ruled out other motives and determined that he seemed to be doing it for the sake of art.When Sinclair destroys the Wayne Foundation building, Batman is trapped inside and barely escapes alive. They share a physical confrontation on a rooftop, although Sinclair escapes when Batman passes out from earlier injuries. It's revealed that he intends to finish his rampage by destroying GCPD Headquarters with everyone inside of it. The building is barely evacuated in time by Batman and Commissioner Gordon. They realize that Sinclair is planning to leave the city since his work is done, and Batman stages a plan to trap him using Bruce Wayne as bait. It's announced that Wayne will be demolishing Cyrus Pinkney's headquarters to build a shopping mall, and Sinclair returns to murder him. Batman and Destroyer fight inside the building, until Destroyer is hospitalized by an incoming wrecking ball that he tries to shoot at.

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