The Descendants

    Team » The Descendants appears in 21 issues.

    A group of machines banded together by Father.

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    The Descendants were created by Rick Remender.


    During the Cold War, Weapon Plus created operation code name Descendant with the purpose of recreating an android as sophisticated as Jim Hammond, the Human Torch. Three individuals known only as Father, Mother and Brother attempted to create the perfect android. Though they came close they were never able to replicate "true life" until Brother, who was a scientist of magic, used the Orb of Necromancy to breathe life into their creations. Twenty Descendants, Homo-Synthezoids, were created. Father demanded Brother to repeat the process on a mass scale to which he refused and later disappeared with the Orb. Mother released the Descendants into the world to live unaware of their true power.

    Father continues to create variations of the Descendants, each with it's own flaw without the help of Brother's Orb. Father created the adaptoids in order to find and recover the Descendants.

    Rage of Ultron

    The Desendents stole a Stark Sentinel that was becoming self-aware. They were confronted by the Avengers, and began to fight. However, Hank Pym decided to eliminate the threat of the Descendents by using a targeted electromegnatic pulse to effectively lobotomize them.


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