The Demon

    Character » The Demon appears in 7 issues.

    The Demon is a witch doctor in Asia who gained Asgardian powers through the lost Norn Stone.

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    The Demon is a witch doctor in Asia who was transformed by the Norn Stone when the God of evil, Loki, dispersed the mystical stone to Earth. Wearing it as a necklace, he gained powers rivaling that of an Asgardian God's. He quickly took his newly found powers to the world around him, assembling a small band of invaders, as well as capturing military bases and using their own weapons against them. Thor discovered his mystical power through a news paper and quickly went to Asia to stop the Demon's raid. Upon contact with him, The demon is quick to fight hand to hand, but is eventually defeated by Thor.

    Unwilling to quit, The Demon orders his militia to use one of their rocket cannons on the God of Thunder. However, Thor destroys the cannon, causing a seismic blast. This knocks out The Demon, and allows Thor to retrieve and return the stone safely back to Asgard. However, Thor had not realized the attention of The Demon's raids had brought more than a news paper's attention.


    The Demon possessed a great magnitude of physical powers. The ones that were "given" to him includes super human strength, stamina, speed, mass, and invulnerability. He only had these powers however, when he held the Norn Stone, which he strung by a necklace.


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