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    Atlantean Terrorist Group.

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    The Deluge is a fiercely xenophobic and traditionalist Atlantean terror cell, that tries to oppose Aquaman by attacking the surface world.


    The Deluge was created by Aquaman writer Dan Abnett.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Drowning

    The Deluge appeared during DC Rebirth and tried to attack Boston under the leadership of Corum Rath, with Atlantean fusion bombs and enslaved sea beasts. The were defeated by Aquaman before they could carry on their attack.

    Some days later the USS Ponchartrain was attacked, with indications that it was the Deluge.

    Later, in Atlantis Aquaman questions the imprisoned Corum Rath on whether it was the Deluge that carried this attack, but Corum Rath denies it.

    Resources & Equipment

    • The Deluge are Atlanteans which grants them the standard superhuman abilities all Atlanteans share, including some degrees of superhuman strength, enhanced durability, enhanced senses and underwater adaptation.
    • The Deluge has access to Atlantean techology and weaponry such as Atlantean vehicles, fusion bombs, energy rifles and implants that allow them to enslave and control sea beasts.
    • The Deluge has captured and uses Atlantean sea beasts.

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