The Defenders #98

    The Defenders » The Defenders #98 - The Hand Closes! released by Marvel on August 1981.

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    The city of Citrusville, Florida has vanished! The Defenders confront the Six-Fingered Hand, but the evil cult has a few new friends under their control - Hulk, Namor, and the Silver Surfer!

    The Defenders return to Dr. Strange's mansion after their conflict with the false prophet David. Devil-slayer's wife, Cory decided to stay with David. Nighthawk's crippled affliction during daylight returns. He says he is quitting the Defenders to focus on his business.

    The Avengers call the Defenders down to Citrusville, Florida, where a giant hole in the shape of a 6-fingered hand has enveloped the town--and the Nexus of Realities.

    Meanwhile, some children play in the ruins of Patsy's old house, where they find Devil-slayer's old Shadow Cloak. A demon crawls out, and the children run.

    The Defenders arrive at the giant hand pit. Patsy begins to act oddly, as if she is still possessed by the demons Avarrish, but Dr. Strange believes she is free from his possession, and wonders what else could be causing it.

    They are attacked by a giant-sized Man-Thing, who has himself been possessed by another of the Six-Fingered-Hand demons, Unnthink. He defeats Hellstom and Gargoyle quickly. Dr. Strange flies his spirit form inside to challenge Unnthink's true form while Devil-slayer and Valkyrie fight the Man-Thing's body.

    Inside, Strange revives the soul of Ted Sallis, the human who was turned into the Man-Thing. Sallis, buoyed by Strange's magic, defeats Unnthink. Strange wants to help Sallis, but Sallis asks to return to oblivion.

    Strange returns to the real world, and he and the other Defenders go through a mystic portal to fid out where Citrusville went. As they go, they realize that Patsy is missing, and that she has Devil-slayer's cloak.

    Following the mystic trail, they find all the demons of the Six-Fingered Hand, who have Clea, Namor, Silver Surfer, and Hulk captive.


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