The Defenders #96

    The Defenders » The Defenders #96 - The Rock and Roll Conspiracy! released by Marvel on June 1981.

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    Popular heavy metal musician Asmodeus Jones has quite a following … and not just by his fans! Can the Defenders interrupt the rocker's show before he can summon the demon Fashmina? Guest-starring Ghost Rider!

    An Ozzie Osbourne-like devil-metal singer, Asmodeus Jones, has been rising in popularity. One of his roadies, Johnny Blaze, watches as the special effects in the show take a new turn--the apparition of a demon appears onstage, and the crowd begins to chant its name along with the song: "Fashima, Fashima, Fashima."

    Meanwhile Kyle Richmond tries to adjust to how new life in a wheelchair after a recent attack.

    Dolly Donahue is also hurt, and lies unconscious in the hospital. Gargoyle had attacked the Defenders and Dolly was hurt by accident. He is now repentant for his actions, but Hellcat won't accept his apologies. Daimon Hellstrom uses his healing powers to heal Dolly, although she does not yet wake.

    Dr. Strange investigates the Six-Fingered Hand, a demon cult that had seduced Gargoyle, and has been causing the Defenders problems recently. He can only find a few images that give a clue to their whereabouts, but they lead to Asmodeus Jones.

    Concerned by the concert the previous night, Blaze decides to look into Jones and his manager, Felix Palmer. He rides toward their pad, but is intercepted by Daimon and the other Defenders, who wonder if he is connected with the Six-Fingered Hand. He turns into Ghost Rider, and they battle, but Hellstrom forces him back into his human form. They discus the Hand and Jones, and realize their cases are the same.

    Meanwhile Jones and Palmer are completing a bizarre ritual with their groupies, which puts them one step away from being able to bring Fashima fully to Earth in the next concert. It turns out that they made a deal, where Fashima would make him a star if he would help turn his fans into the demon's slaves. But Palmer tells him he isn't sure it was worth it, and tensions arise between them. Dr. Strange watches in his astral form and concocts a plan to deal with them.

    That night at the concert, Fashima once again begins to appear, and the audience starts to become mesmerized. The Defenders watch as Ghost Rider comes out on stage, acting as if Palmer asked him to stop Fashima. Jones goes out of control at the apparent duplicity of his partner, and the Defenders join the fight, overloading Jones with their energy in his unfocused state.

    Jones realizes his mistake, but Palmer is taken by Fashima as a sacrifice for their mistake. Jones then reveals that Palmer was his brother. The rest of the Defenders are shocked into sadness, but Hellcat...laughs?


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