The Defenders #93

    The Defenders » The Defenders #93 - The Woman Behind the Man! released by Marvel on March 1981.

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    Lady Dorma is alive! Namor's former lover has been mysteriously why is an Atlantean army attacking London...with Namor leading the charge?

    Namor plays with a group of dolphins until he runs into what he least expected—his dead love, Dorma.

    The Defenders hang out at Dr. Strange’s, enjoying themselves with ice cream and tales of their latest exploits. Hellstrom privately tells Strange that he has senses a great evil, and wants to investigate it. Suddenly and inexplicably, Kyle falls down, immobile.

    Namor brings Dorma to Atlantis. Everyone is excited to see her. She explains her absence: the woman Namor saw die before was actually a clone created by Llyra. Dorma was actually hidden in a cave, and eventually escaped. Namor’s assistant, Lord Vashti, seems skeptical, but feels he cannot say anything.

    Namor declares a war on the surface world in Dorma’s name, and the populace goes wild in favor. A few are against it, and are beaten up. Dorma seems to be able to manipulate people’s minds and emotions.

    The Defenders are worried about Kyle. After checking him out, Strange believes that the mystical bond made of the original Defenders’ life forces, which has been keeping him alive since the early days of the team, has been broken. Kyle is paralyzed.

    Wong breaks in to tell them that the armies of Atlantis have attacked and captured London. They leave to stop their friend, Namor.

    Patsy is going through her mother’s things in her home, after she died. She knows her mom didn’t care about her, but she can’t help but feel something for her anyway. However, a strange shadowy figure comes up from behind and attacks.

    The Defenders confront Namor about his unnecessary invasion. He replies by having his army attack the Defenders while clearly being influenced by Dorma. However, the Defenders easily repel the assault. Seeing this, Namor has a Sonic-Scrambler use its powers to defeat them all at once.

    He brings them to his ship, using his knowledge of their powers to neutralize their abilities. However, Val gets Dorma riled up, and Namor’s love attacks the Asgardian. Surprisingly, since Val is unable to fight women, Val fights back. Dorma reveals herself to be Nebulon, the Defender’s old enemy. He says that his race tried to stop him, but he escaped and hid under the sea—since his race is naturally aquatic. He took on Dorma’s form in an attempt to control the seas and the earth.

    Namor, now free from his mental influence, attacks Nebulon along with the Hulk. Nebulon reverts to his true monstrous form and Namor tosses him off the ship. He is intercepted by a tractor beam from a space ship flown by his own people. They take him off to try their own justice upon him.



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