The Defenders #90

    The Defenders » The Defenders #90 - Mind Over Mandrill! released by Marvel on December 1980.

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    Guest-starring Daredevil! The Man Without Fear steps in to assist Nighthawk and Hellcat against Mandrill and the Fem-Force.

    The Mandrill gets his army of mind-controlled women together for a final assault on the Defenders and Daredevil.

    In New Jersey, Dolly and the Defenders decide to not eat the giant array of bean cans that the Hulk bought at the supermarket last issue, and instead go to a "White Turret" for breakfast.

    Daredevil, who was stuck in a bank vault by the Mandrill's people, tries to escape. He uses his radar to search out the surroundings.

    Valkyrie and Bruce Banner go to meet Dr. Strange, who gives Bruce some new clothes and hands off Val's flying horse, Aragorn.

    Hellcat breaks into Kyle Richmond's penthouse to get back some of her belongings. The penthouse has been locked up due to Nighthawk's arrest, but she wants the stuff anyway. When she gets in, she finds her Shadowcloak (which she got from the Agent of Fortune back in issue 60), but is confronted by the Mandrill's Fem-Force. She beats most of them up, using the Shadow Cloak, but accidentally releases a canister of gas containing the Mandrill's mind-control pheromones, putting herself under his control.

    Daredevil has found a phone in another room, and manages to snake his billy club line down a vent and uses it to call for help.

    Kyle is in court, his fate about to be decided, when his lawyer Rosenblum gets Matt Murdock's call, in which he asks for help from Nightwing. They somehow persuade the court to let Kyle out so he can help.

    After he leaves, Mandrill, Hellcat, and Fem-Force break in the courtroom. Mandrill takes over the minds of Val and the female judge, and Banner turns into the Hulk.

    Kyle, as Nighthawk, breaks into the bank vault that holds Daredevil, knowing that this will make him just look more guilty in court. He grabs Daredevil and they fly back, and help Hulk attack the Mandrill and his minions.

    Mandrill runs off, and Daredevil tries to follow.

    Nighthawk manages to free Hellcat's mind by shocking her with electricity. However, Val flies off, still under Mandrill's control.

    The judge, who has only become more persuaded of Kyle's guilt, remands him into custody.



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