The Defenders #9

    The Defenders » The Defenders #9 - Divide...and Conquer released by Marvel on October 1973.

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    Defenders Vs. Avengers Chapters 4, 5 and 6.

    Continued from The Avengers #116

    Continues in The Avengers #117

    Silver Surfer breaks into Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum with a piece of the Evil Eye, which he won after a battle with Vision. Strange, who has been trying to figure out how to help the Black Knight, who has been turned into a stone statue, takes the Surfer's warning about the Avengers--that they are trying to get the Evil Eye instead of the Defenders--to heart. Using magic, he sees that Loki has been involved, and that the Avengers now have a known criminal, the Swordsman, on their team.

    Believing that Loki is controlling the Avengers, Strange flies off to warn the Defenders.

    Meanwhile, Vision shares his own warning about the Defenders to the other Avengers.

    Valkyrie drops Hawkeye off in Monterrey, Mexico to look for another piece of the Evil Eye. Clint randomly decides to force a kiss on Val, who takes a swing at him with her sword before deciding that maybe she actually liked the nonconsensual kiss.

    Hawkeye thinks of all the "mixed-up" women he has been connected with, from Black Widow and Scarlet Witch to the Norse warrior goddess, but is interrupted in his decidedly non-politically correct reveries by the sight of Iron Man.

    Iron Man visits the local university, which has the piece of the Eye. However, Hawkeye snatches the Eye out of his hands with a boomeranging grapple-arrow.

    Hawkeye and Iron Man battle, with Hawkeye doing surprisingly well due to his trick arrows. Then when Iron Man is forced to accidentally blast a building, and has to save the inhabitants, Clint takes advantage and takes off with the Eye.

    Dr. Strange looks for another piece of the Eye in a cornfield. Mantis and Black Panther are also there. Strange finds it first and decides to take it away in an undercover manner, pretending to be a normal person waiting at a bus. Mantis and Panther talk to the people at the bus but don't realize it's him until Mantis's senses pick up on his magic.

    Disocvered, Strange flies off but Panther pursues him. They battle, and gain the attention of a local, who shoots at them with his shotgun. Luckily Mantis intervenes, and saves them. She attacks Strange, who shockingly dodges her attack like few heroes ever have, using his monastery-trained skills. Deciding it's no longer time to fool around, he uses his magic to drain Panther and Mantis's strength, and leaves with the Eye.


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