The Defenders #86

    The Defenders » The Defenders #86 - The Left Hand of Silence! released by Marvel on August 1980.

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    Black Panther and Hellcat race against the clock to locate the last bit of missing tech—the ominous Absorber.

    Valkyrie flies throughout New York, using Black Panther's equipment to try to pick up a signal from some Wakandan stolen technology, but to no avail. She also continues to wonder about her role in the world and if the Defenders is the right place for her.

    Kyle Richmond discuses his government woes with his lawyer when Hellcat and Black Panther come in. Patsy thinks Kyle's business knowledge may help Panther figure out where his stolen technology may end up. The Panther explains that the device is a sound absorber. It create a sphere of silence around it, and also absorbs the energy of the sound, so it may help solve the world's energy crisis while also being used as a military weapon.

    Across town, the stolen twin of Panther's device is being fenced to a foreign agent in an embassy. However, the buyer double-crosses the seller, killing him and stealing the device and the money. He runs out, but leaves the device on accidentally, so he doesn't hear a bus coming until too late, and he is killed.

    A cabby driving by the accident sees the device and picks it up.

    Hellcat and Black Panther follow some leads, and end up at the embassy, but too late.

    Valkyrie talks with Bruce Banner, who is concerned with his increasing levels of tension. She suggests going to see a movie, Snow White, to calm him down.

    The Mandrill, back at his base, was behind the buyer at the embassy, but hears that his agent is dead. He vows to get revenge on the female Defenders some other way.

    The cabby returns to his noisy apartment. When he realizes the device can give him some peace and quiet, he is overjoyed. Unfortunately, he is too relaxed, and falls asleep while smoking in bed, which lights a fire that threatens to burn down the whole building.

    Panther and Hellcat tracked the device down to the building, but end up having to rescue the inhabitants and don't find the device. The cabby dies in the fire, but a mother and her child find it, and take it to her mother's. She is also happy for the peace and quite it brings her as her son plays noisily. Later they take a trip on the subway, and a deranged homeless man knocks it out of her hand, whereupon a homeless woman takes it.

    She turns it on full force in public, and everyone panics when silence reigns all over. This chaos finds its way into the movie theater where Val and Bruce are enjoying Snow White. Val tries to calm the crowd, but the craziness turns Bruce into the Hulk, and he smashes out.

    Panther and Hellcat find them. T'Challa distracts the Hulk while Hellcat uses their existing device to overload the other, destroying it. When the sound returns, the Hulk is angry and leaves. Mr. Fantastic and Sue Storm show up to help clean up.

    Hellcat and Val go out for drinks with Panther to get over their adventure.



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