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Hellcat has information that the Mandrill may be planning something against Wakanda, and wants to tell Black Panther, but can’t figure out how to get into his consulate. After confronting security on a nearby rooftop, she ends up swinging through a window, and luckily T’Challa keeps her from being arrested.

Kyle Richmond listens to the TV news and, hearing about various Defender-related issues on the news, continues to be angry about the federal injunction that keeps him from being Nighthawk.

Hulk is swimming across the entire ocean after the explosion. Namor finds him and brings him to Dr. Strange’s home. There, they find Black Panther and Hellcat talking about her news and planning to attack the Mandrill. Unfortunately, tensions between Wakanda and Atlantis led to a nuclear explosion in the ocean recently, and their two monarchs are not on good terms. Namor leaves in a huff.

The rest of the Defenders go to an airfield where the Mandrill is planning to smuggle some Wakandan technology. They attack the plane, but it turns out to be a trap, and the plane lifts off by remote control with Hellcat and Panther on board.

Strange and the Hulk manage to rescue them, and the Panther now knows enough to stop the Mandrill’s smuggling connection with Wakanda. The Mandrill, defeated again, now turns his plans towards revenge.


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