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Note: This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, "Thor Meets The Ricochet Monster!"

Dr. Strange's astral form rejoins with his body. He finds his friend and fellow sorcerer, Xhoohx, who is dead.

Namor and Aeroika have found Hulk, who is controlled by the Unnameable but is frozen in a mystic globe. They have defeated Ytitnedion, but they must still defeat his superior, the Unnameable. Strange finds them and shows them Xhoohx's body.

The Defenders and Aeroika try to rouse the crowds, but they aren't sure if they will like the new political situation in Tunnelworld any better than the old one, since they are unused to freedom.

Back on Earth, the Mutant Force makes a deal with the government to be freed if they do certain things in return.

Patsy and Val go shopping as a way to relieve stress and bond. Patsy brings up her mom again, and Val asks why she keeps bringing her up, but they are once again interrupted, this time by a robbery.

Val and Patsy stop the thieves, but Val notices that Patsy was able to perform an impressive acrobatic feat without her Hellcat costume--up until now, they had believed the costume was the source of her agility. Patsy thinks about it and wonders why she ever thought it gave her the powers, since she had to replace it multiple times as it got torn anyway.

Kyle continues to have legal problems, and tries to sort them out with his lawyer, Rosenblum.

In Tunnelworld, the Defenders take Xhoohx's body to the end of the tunnel for burial. However, the Unnameable attacks them with a storm, and Ytitnedion also escapes. They are all transported into a magical orb, where the mentally-controlled Hulk's mind attacks them in the form of his many enemies, like the Rhino. The Defenders fight off these apparitions, but Strange realizes he must actually confront the Unnameable himself. He pushes the Unnameable's mind into a small section of the Hulk's brain, then surgically cuts off that part of his brain from the rest of him, in effect imprisoning the Unnameable in a cut-off part of the Hulk's brain.

Ytitnedion, distraught, falls off a cliff and dies. The very, very lengthy Tunnelworld saga comes to a somewhat abrupt end. (Issue 84 actually features an editorial blurb on the letters page that says, "Whew! Aren't you glad all that Tunnelworld stuff is over? Sure, it was great fun for a while, but the whole thing DID get out of hand. And that symbolism! What was he trying to say, anyway?...[I]t's not every day someone writes a story where the villain is NEVER SEEN, says NOT A WORD, and whose very NAME is kept secret." [emphasis in original])


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