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Dr. Strange, Hulk, and Namor travel with the mysterious angel-like Aeroika through Tunnelworld, hoping to stop the Unnameable. They are cloaked in an illusion to avoid trouble, but when Aeroika finds a place for them to rest, he says it is safe to remove the illusion. They aren't sure if they should sleep, but then they all magically fall asleep.

Aeroika cannot speak much, but he can read dreams, so he reads their dreams to see who they truly are. He also recounts to himself the origin of his people, who were slaves, created by the Unnameable in a pure form, the better to debase. Now his people hope to rebel against their creator. Seeing that Strange, Hulk, and Namor are heroes, he is glad that he has chosen to help them.

Back on Earth, the female Defenders found themselves in a trap, inexplicably set by their friends, Dian, Amber, and Ruth. They are attacked by the FemForce warriors, and the Mutant Force. Val has trouble, because she is cursed to fight badly against other women, and she and the others eventually fall.

They are imprisoned, along with Hank Pym, who they had tried to rescue. Wasp is stuck in a jar with air holes.

When they see how the FemForce is laying all over Mutant Force, dangling grapes in their mouths and so on, ostensibly to control them men, Val is horrified, and breaks free. She and the others fight until the until-now-hidden leader of the FemForce and Mutant Force shows up--the Mandrill, who can control women's minds.

The women Defenders are put under his control--except for Wasp. That night, the girl Dian takes Wasp in her jar and they fly away in the quinjet. Dian explains that she covered Wasp's jar's air holes so she wouldn't breathe in the Mandrill's pheromones, and thus was not controlled. Dian was not affected because she is not yet pubescent, and thus not affected by his pheromones either.

They call Nighthawk, who is happy to break the government's dictates and fly to their aid.

Angry at the escape, Mandrill orders another attack on the air force base.


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