The Defenders #78

    The Defenders » The Defenders #78 - The Return of the Original Defenders! released by Marvel on December 1979.

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    Doctor Strange invites Namor and the Hulk to Tunnel World—and this trip may be a one-way ticket.

    Dr. Strange summons the Hulk to his Sanctum Sanctorum. The Hulk complies, even if only to get out of the rain. Namor is already there, having also been called.

    Strange is finally ready to take on the Unnameable from Tunnelworld.

    Meanwhile, Moondragon flies through space, and sends the bodies of the now-deceased James-Michael Starling and Omega the Unknown into the sun. She goes off to find a strange disturbance she has been sensing.

    Back in Las Vegas, where Starling and Omega died last issue, their friends and the Defenders get ready to leave. Hank Pym shows up in a quinjet to take them home. Richard Rory decides to stay in Vegas.

    Kyle Richmond, in New York, is angry for the way the government has put a hold on his business and his life as Nighthawk. A call from his engineers that his newest Nighthawk weapons package only makes it more frustrating.

    The Defenders and their Avenger friends in the quinjet get a distress call from Las Animus, Colorado, and fly off to investigate. They find the local air force base under attack by the Mutant Force and a group of women warriors known as FemForce.

    The Defenders attack, and are largely successful, but Pym is captured, and some of the Mutant Force escapes.

    The Defenders follow, but only find the nearby town where they had dropped off Amber, Dian, and Ruth for their safety. Amber runs out, saying they need help.

    The all-women group of Defenders follows, only to find that it's a trap.

    In Tunnelworld, Strange, Hulk, and Namor travel in an illusory disguise. Finally they arrive at a Sput tavern. It's full, and they are almost turned away, but Strange lets one of the Sputs recognize him. He then leads the team to a mysterious strange, Aeroika, with angel-like wings coming out of his head. He says that a prophecy has foretold their arrival.


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