The Defenders #77

    The Defenders » The Defenders #77 - Waiting For The End of The World! released by Marvel on November 1979.

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    Moondragon leaves the team of heroes on bad terms when James-Michael Starling makes a bold decision to keep his friends safe.

    Ruby Thursday, working with Dibbuk, interrogates James-Michael Starling, trying to find out the location of Omega the Unknown. However, the Protarian aliens who created Omega break in looking for him and Starling.

    Meanwhile Hellcat, Valkyrie, Wasp, and Moondragon wander the Las Vegas Strip nearby, looking for Starling themselves. They happen upon the scene of the battle and start to tussle with Ruby and Dibbuk while Starling runs off.

    Moondragon pursues Starling, and sees him unexpectedly blast a Protarian flaying saucer out of the sky. Moondragon mindmelds with one of the "living robots" from the ship and learns Omega and Starling's true origin--that they were created by the Protarians as a way to help their species continue to survive after an evolutionary dead end.

    Far away, the Hulk encounters a strange silver glob, which encapsulates him and then telepathically puts a psychic trigger in his mind.

    After Ruby is hurt in the battle, Dibbuk teleports away with her, and the rest of the Defenders find Starling blasting down yet more flying saucers. He is out of control; his newly-emerging powers are making him hysterical.

    A wounded Moondragon takes back the psychic powers she had lent to Hellcat so she is in better shape to confront Starling. She explains his origin to him, including the fact that Omega went out of control himself, destroying an entire planet's biosphere before he escaped to Earth. Starling can tell that he could do the same to Earth, and kills himself to keep it from happening. Moondragon leaves Earth for space out of disgust over the outcome.


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