The Defenders #75

    The Defenders » The Defenders #75 - Poetic Justice released by Marvel on September 1979.

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    Valkyrie and Hellcat are stalled in battle when the Foolkiller takes Dollar Bill as a prisoner!

    Issues 75 till 78 wraps up a storyline that was started in Omega the Unknown Issue 10.

    Foolkiller faces down the Defenders and makes them watch Dollar Bill's documentary on them, angered by its insipidness.

    Valkyrie takes advantage of his distracted state and attacks, but he shoots her and then starts blasting the building. She is OK, and the Defenders and their friends find cover. Hellcat takes on Foolkiller until Val knocks him out.

    Meanwhile, the Hulk wanders on the beach until he sees a stranded whale. He feels bad for him, so he pulls him back in the ocean.

    Nighthawk and the police show up to find the Defenders headquarters in ruins. Nighthawk can't believe it all happened because of one guy with a gun--he thinks Val's temporary leadership was a failure. Angered, he disbands the Defenders. He leaves, but the Hulk shows up and causes more chaos. Hearing the Defenders are no more, he leaves too.

    Richard Rory and Amber convince Val and Hellcat that if the Defenders are kaput, they might as well help them find Omega the Unknown.

    We see Omega's friend Gramps identify his body in the police morgue, his first appearance after the Omega finale.


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