The Defenders #7

    The Defenders » The Defenders #7 - War Below the Waves! released by Marvel on August 1973.

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    Hawkeye vs the Defenders! What has led this super hero team to take on the Avenging Marksman Hawkeye?

    Hawkeye, who recently left the Avengers and now wants to make a name for himself as a solo adventurer, runs into the Hulk and pesters him about comments he made about Dr. Strange. The Hulk, unsurprisingly, gets annoyed and tries to swat the archer. Namor and Valkyrie intervene, and Hawkeye starts fighting them, which the Hulk finds hilarious.

    They eventually all settle down. Namor and Val explain about the Defenders, and bring him to meet Strange at his house, but he's out. While they wait, an Atlantean shows up, saying that Attuma is attacking Atlantic City.

    They rush to stop him, and find that Attuma has an army of giant crabs and warriors at his side. Namor is knocked out by some porpoises who know nerve strikes, and the others surrender to save him. Hulk is confused and leaves.

    Attuma takes the others prisoner in his undersea city, where he shows the man behind his menacing control of crabs: the Red Ghost, who is tired of controlling apes.

    Val and Hawkeye escape their cells, but Red Ghost now controls Namor, and orders him to attack his fellow Defenders.


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