The Defenders #69

    The Defenders » The Defenders #69 - The Anything Man! released by Marvel on March 1979.

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    The “Anything Man” violently lashes out when the Defenders come to claim his power. Nighthawk takes a difficult beating.

    Dr. Strange brings Nighthawk to the remote Maine location where they defeated Yandroth's Omegatron in one of the Defenders' earliest adventures. He explains that it has mysteriously come out of dormancy, and that if it absorbs enough energy it could destroy the world.

    Nearby, an everyday guy named Jeff finds himself the target of the Omegatron's energy: it is giving him powers, but he doesn't realize their source. He foils a couple robberies, and starts to get the idea of becoming a superhero, although he is still confused by why this is happening to him. However, the more he uses the Omegatron's powers, the closer the Omegatron gets to destruction.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Strange gathers some other Defenders and tries to track down where the Omegatron is sending its energy. Soon they find him on a beach. He thinks they want him to join the Defenders, but when they say no, he doesn't listen; the energies are making him irrational. He tries to prove himself by fighting them, but they can't fight back, because the more he uses the energy, the more unstable the Omegatron gets.

    He defeats several of them before Nighthawk gets an idea. He gets Jeff to follow him to an island, where Jeff is too far away to easily access the energy. Then Nighthawk threatens to leave him there, because he's too dangerous to let back in society. Jeff repents of his actions and asks for them to take away his powers, which Dr. Strange is now able to do, with his consent.

    Note: This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Spider-Man "Puts Himself In The Picture ."


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