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With villains on the loose committing crimes in the Defenders' names, the team must split into groups to defeat the imposters once and for all. But when the police can't decide who's a hero and who's a villain, all bets of victory are off!

The various heroes who want to be Defenders continue to slug it out with the actual Defenders.

Iron Man shows up with a letter someone mailed to Avengers Mansion, and gives it to Hellcat. He also tells them that a bunch of criminals, inspired by Dollar Bill’s movie, have also decided to call themselves the Defenders and are robbing places all over New York City. The Defenders realize they need to join forces with the Defenders-wannabees and stop the criminals.

The Hulk leaves, but the rest of them create three teams. Hercules leads a team made of Black Goliath, White Tiger, Iron Fist, Hellcat, Havok, and Captain Ultra. Val’s team is Falcon, Torpedo, Stingray, Prowler, and Jack of Hearts. Nighthawk’s team is made of Nova, Hellstrom, Tagak, Polaris, and Marvel Man (now known as Quasar). They all fly in to town (or in the case of Herc’s team, they ride in Patsy’s Hellcatmobile).

Nighthawk’s team runs into a man asking for their help; he says a Defender stole his car. They quickly bring it back, but it turns out that it was just taken by his son, and the father gets angry at the team because it got scuffed in the process.

In Russia, the Presence tries to stop a giant runaway amoeba which was created by his own experiments. It absorbs his blasts, and starts to weaken him by absorbing his internal energy.

Hellcat and Herc’s team stumbles upon a group of “Defender” villains stealing a bunch of jewels. They fight, and the cops show up. Since they all call themselves the Defenders, the police don’t know what to do, so they put them all under arrest.


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