The Defenders #61

    The Defenders » The Defenders #61 - Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Lunatik! released by Marvel on July 1978.

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    Guest-starring Spider-Man! While playing around with her newly acquired Shadow Cloak, Hellcat accidentally sets the Hulk on a rampage!

    Hellcat shows off her Shadow Cloak, as acquired from the Agent of Fortune last issue. However, as she demonstrates its abilities, she accidentally pulls out an Ort-Beast, an extra-dimensional creature the Hulk battled a while ago.

    The Hulk freaks out an attacks the beast, knocking it back in the Cloak and causing chaos in the process. Hellcat realizes she needs to be more careful with this supernatural object.

    The Defenders talk about Lunatik, who has been killing people for extremely minor crimes like jaywalking. They decide to set a trap for him.

    Hellcat, Valkyrie, and Dollar Bill go to talk with Professor Turk, since he has a unique perspective. He thinks they should find an example of a scoff-law who is known on the Empire State Campus and erect a statue to him. They decide to use Spider-man as the subject of the statue, since he is wanted by the police.

    The Presence wanders in forbidden space within Russian, depressed over his loss of Red Guardian as a consort. He believes the mutated zone in which he now abides consists of a great threat to humanity.

    Nighthawk got an artist who owed him a favor to make a Spider-man statue for him, and built a hollowed-out section in the bottom for the Hulk to hide in. However, the Hulk is not interested in hanging out in a cramped space for a day while waiting for Lunatik to show up. He jumps off, to be on his own.

    J. Jonah Jameson hears of the plans for the statue, and asks Peter Parker to take some pictures. Jameson is enraged by the idea of the statue; Parker is shocked to hear some one is making a statue of his alter-ego.

    He assumes it is a trap for him, and goes to check it out. He finds Hellcat there, waiting, and accidentally webs her up before he recognizes her. She explains the plan.

    Lunatik shows up eventually and the Defenders attack, but he manages to run circles around them. Eventually he pulls the shroud off the not-yet-unveiled statue, revealing its ugly design.

    Lunatik disappears as the Defenders and Spider-man bemoan the ugliness of the statue.



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