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    Inside Devil-Slayer’s dimension, Valkyrie and her new ally hunt down a Hulk… who’s already engaged in battle!

    Devil-Slayer and Valkyrie realize they are on the same side while talking in Devil-Slayer's pocket universe. They find the Hulk floating around there as well, and all return to see Dr. Strange.

    He fills them in on the Harvester of Eyes cult's activities: Vera Gemini has opened a portal to a demonic dimension, allowing Belathauzer and others to take on the form of humans in positions of power. They plan to let in the entire demon race, who will rule the world as they one did long ago.

    Meanwhile Nighthawk and Hellcat play around with a giant machine Nighthawk's technicians invented to test his new, improved jetpack and other tech. Unfortunately it goes out of control, and they are only saved by the timely appearance of the Hulk, who smashes it.

    We also see a brief glimpse into what's going on with Red Guardian: Soviet scientists continue to study her, and worry that she may try to escape if she learns that they cannot cure her.

    Devil-Slayer uses his psychic powers to help Dr. Strange navigate the demons' dimension in his astral form. However, Vera Gemini has now changed into her demonic form and, in possession of the Eye of Agamotto, transforms Strange into a monstrous demonic being.

    Devil-Slayer, seeing that Strange is out of the action, teleports directly to the temple of the cult, where he is confronted by the Agent of Fortune.


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