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Doctor Strange’s dreams foretell of a dark threat. Even the Eye of Agamotto can’t detect this one!

The Sanctum Sanctorum of Doctor Strange is breached by a mystical foe. He is defeated and the Eye of Agamotto is stolen. Meanwhile, Dr. Banner and Valkyrie are visiting Ledge who was injured last issue by Lunatik I. Dollar Bill decides to take them out to the Felix club for a night on the town.

They find Devil Slayer, who attacks Vera Gemini, who is trying to instigate a demon reign on Earth. Not understanding the situation, Valkyrie and Hulk rise to her defense. To escape apprehension, Devil Slayer takes himself, Valkyrie, and Hulk into the dimension within the Shadow Cloak he wears.

Meanwhile Jack Norris is apprehended by the Avengers security system after he breaks in to try to find information to locate Nick Fury.

Two archaeologists in the jungles of Mexico are taken captive by Vera Gemini's cult, the Harvesters of Eyes. The Agent of Fortune brings the Eye to the cult, and in so doing attracts the gaze of Dr. Strange, who is trying to track down his talisman.


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