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The Defenders deal with the aftermath of their clash with Scorpio, including Nick Fury accepting the death of his brother. Despite an argument between Fury and Jack Norriss, Fury still offers Norriss a job at SHIELD. Moon Knight takes off, ending his brief time with the team.

Tania, the Red Guardian, returns to the Soviet Union after being blackmailed. She is taken to a secret underground lair, the base of Codename: Sergei, instead of KGB headquarters as she expected.

Some weeks later, Kyle has persuaded Val to enroll in college. However, her registration process becomes a bureaucratic nightmare. She is used to fighting enemies in combat, but can't handle it when there are no obvious opponents to smite, and nears a mental breakdown.

Kyle, meanwhile, goes back to his business headquarters, and finds that it is being robbed by the Ringer, who makes an argument for the redistribution of money from the 1%. The Ringer is a newbie, but he still destroys Nighthawk's jetpack. Nighthawk finally manages to defeat the Ringer.

Back at the Riding Academy, Norriss comes looking for Val, needing some closure over the fact that Val's spirit lives in his wife's body. However, when he runs into Patsy instead, she makes some moves on him, and surprising romantic sparks fly. She says Jack has to get over his wife, Barbara, but he points out that it's not easy to just get over the fact that his wife's spirit has been submerged by someone else's.

Val tries to get over her stressful day with some coffee, and meets Dollar Bill, a wacky film student who is into "mature" women, and his friend/competitor Ledge. They get her spirits up and invite her to a movie, which is something she's never seen before. However, as they walk down the street, someone brutally attacks a guy for littering.


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