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Valkyrie struggles with her aggression towards men, turning to Doctor Strange for advice on finding peace with her teammates. But the Defenders had better learn to get along soon- especially when they must battle mega-robot Omegatron!

The issue starts with Valkyrie walking around Greenwich Village, trying to make sense of where her life is supposed to go. A group of hooded thieves try to mug her, but she easily stops them. she then returns to Dr. Strange's sanctum for advice on how to deal with her aggressiveness towards men. Suggesting that perhaps her first step in dealing peacefully with men would be to seek it with her comrades, Strange hands her two crystals that will allow her to find the location of both the Sub-Mariner and the Hulk.

Namor is at the home of Betty Prentiss visiting his cousin Namorita, Val finds him and is scolded by the Sub-Mariner for intruding. While explaining that the Defenders are not an ordinary team, Namor is suddenly transported away. Realizing the crystal is still tracking Namor, Val and Namorita decide to go and pick up the Hulk before going after him. However, when the two get to the Hulk, the Hulk in his misplaced rage attacks. During his initial strike he too is transported away, Val and Namorita then decide to find out where they were transported.

They are brought to the location where the Defenders previously fought the computer the Omegatron, there the computer captures the two and informs them in spite of the fact that it's trapped in a bubble of slower time it still will end up finishing it's countdown and destroy the Earth. The computer informs them that all it need do after the countdown is speak it's masters name.

When Val and Namorita try to stop it, the computer sends duplicates of the Hulk and Sub-Mariner to try and stop them, however the two manage to fight them off. When the Omegatron reaches zero it breaks free of it's computer housing in a gigantic humanoid form. However before it can speak it's masters name, Val chops it's head off, destroying it and saving the world. Afterwards, while the dimwitted Hulk hops away angry, Namor tells her that she has shown her true bravery that day.


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