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Valkyrie, Red Guardian and Hellcat battle the mystical powers of the Red Rajah!

The all-female trio of Defenders, Hellcat, Valkyrie, and Red Guardian take on the Red Rajah, who has defeated the all-male trio of male Defenders, Luke Cage, Nighthawk, and Hulk. The Rajah raises a giant rock monster to attack them, and also tries to suborn their minds with the magical Star of Capistan. Red Guardian temporarily succumbs but the other two rescue her, and they escape the scene.

Meanwhile, Jack Norriss drives along the New Jersey Turnpike, and notices he is being followed. He crashes his car and runs.

The Rajah has his mind-controlled followers bring the male Defenders along with him. Then he has Hulk knock out the other two as an object lesson in control.

The women go to Dr. Strange’s house and get Clea. They attack the Red Rajah as he begins to rile up a huge crowd using his mental powers. The four women manage to outfight and distract the male Defenders: Valkyrie beats Luke Cage, Red Guardian beats Nighthawk, Hellcat continually dodges Hulk, tricking him into smacking himself into a wall, and Clea rescues Dr. Strange from the mental domination of the Star of Capistan, turning him from the Red Rajah back into himself.

Dr. Strange then shocks the rest of the Defenders by saying that he must leave the group.


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