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Nighthawk must convince the Hulk to carry Cobalt Man into New York Harbor to minimize the threat of Cobalt Man’s explosion!

The radioactive Cobalt Man is going to explode, but Kyle realizes that if they surround him with water, like in a nuclear reactor, he won't go critical. The Hulk carries him into the river and muffles the reaction. The other Defenders run into Red Guardian, who was missing last issue because she had to speak to her Soviet superiors.

Egghead next sends Solarr and Rhino to get the magical Star of Capistan from Dr. Strange's friend Omar, but they are in turn attacked by the Red Rajah.

The Defenders use an experimental medical device, and Clea's magic, to read the comatose Cobalt Man's mind and see if they can help him. Meanwhile, Egghead teleports into the mansion and captures Hulk and Valkyrie.

Luke Cage is in the middle of telling Nighthawk that he's thinking of leaving when Egghead catches Nighthawk too. Cage beats him up but he runs off. Simultaneously, Cobalt Man wakes up, no longer under Egghead's control. When Egghead runs in, Cobalt Man explodes in revenge, destroying them both.


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