The Defenders #35

    The Defenders » The Defenders #35 - Bring Back My Body To Me, To Me...! released by Marvel on May 1976.

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    Jack Norriss, reunited with his brain at last! Doctor Strange calls in a Russian neurosurgeon for the most complicated procedure of his career. Chondu is trapped in a transient state…and it’s taken quite a toll on his body!

    Red Guardian II patrols the streets of Moscow and prevents a mugging only to be chased by police who consider her a vigilante. The Defenders put in a call to Dr. Tania Belinsky (Red Guardian II) to get her help with Kyle Richmond and his medical needs. Hulk throws a tantrum and leaves because the team will not help him find Sparkle Hair (Nebulon). The Headmen craft a new body for their friend Chondu the Mystic and Nebulon returns an irrate Chondu to the Headmen lair. Chondu's mind is transferred from a deer's body into a monstrous abomination that Arthur Nagan built for him. Chondu flies off to find a new body and comes into conflict with Valkyrie. She defeats him in a crowded restaurant and is imprisoned.

    (This is the first appearance of Tanya Belinsky AKA Red Guardian II. She will go on to become a "Defender for a Day".)


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