The Defenders #27

    The Defenders » The Defenders #27 - Three Worlds to Conquer! released by Marvel on September 1, 1975.

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    The Defenders voyage to the future to aid the Guardians against the Badoon!

    It is the year 3015 AD. The Badoon have taken over the Earth and one of their ships now has the Defenders' and Guardians of the Galaxy's ship in their sights. The Defenders prepare to teleport back down to Earth, but the Badoon intercept the signal and split it into four. Jack Norriss thinks they're dead.

    Val and Vance appear in a swamp. They are attacked by strange bipedal beings, which they can't quite identify. They nearby drown Vance, but Val rescues him. Then when Val tries to fight then, she feels weak and even becomes injured when she hurts one of them.

    Yondu and Hulk are in a city, where the locals are all drunk. They try to help out but to no avail. Robots attack and Hulk smashes.

    Martinex connects Strange to the ship's computers so that he can mentally search the whole galaxy. This also has the lucky effect of destroying the Badoon ship's sensors.

    A luminous being shows up to help Vance and Val. It heals Val and reveals itself as Starhawk (in his first appearance).

    The Hulk and Yondu were captured, and the local king prepares to put them in a reality game for their land's entertainment.

    A group of Badoon somehow manages to enter the Defenders' ship.


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