The Defenders #22

    The Defenders » The Defenders #22 - Fangs Of Fire And Blood! released by Marvel on April 1975.

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    The Defenders battle bigotry in New York City!

    Valkyrie walks through a poor section of town, meditating on her recent life. She sees two men fighting, and stops it, but they attack her. She puts an end to that as well, then hears a scream from a nearby tenement. She rushes in, and finds a squalid apartment where a huge rat is threatening a baby. The mother is screaming nearby. Val kills the rat and asks the woman about the horrible conditions in the building. She tells Val off, explaining that her kind never spend the time helping people like her. Val decides to bring her to Dr. Strange.

    Kyle Richmond is at a society ball but doesn't feel social. The hostess gets him to come back inside, where a man named Harold Holliman tries to get Kyle to agree to a deal. Kyle brushes him off and leaves to visit Strange.

    When he gets there, he sees a mysterious man peeping in the windows. Kyle chases him off. He joins the others inside. Strange is explaining how the social world is a cruel place, with many in the same conditions as the woman.

    Meanwhile, back at that tenement, a group called the Sons of the Serpent burns down the building, killing an old man.

    The Defenders travel there, hoping to see what they can to help. The landlord turns out to be the same Harold Holliman that Kyle met earlier. He gets in an altercation with one of the tenants.

    The Defenders try to end the fight, and intervene even more heavily. The Sons take a lot of hits, but there are a lot of them, and in the end, many escape.



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