The Defenders #19

    The Defenders » The Defenders #19 - Doomball! released by Marvel on January 1975.

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    The Gamma Bomb goes missing and it's a race to find it between the Defenders and the Wrecking Crew!

    The Wrecking Crew hoped to find a gamma bomb in the wreckage of a building, but it is not in its shell. Thunderball explains his origin: he was a brilliant physicist who improved on Bruce Banner's gamma bomb, shrinking it to the size of a fist. However, he discovered that the company he worked for--Richmond Enterprises--owned his work.

    He stole it back, but in the process dropped it in some steel that Richmond Enterprises used to make some buildings. That's what led them here. However, someone else found it first and took the bomb.

    The Wrecking Crew defeat the Defenders in shockingly quick work, and run off to look for the bomb. The Defenders wake up and wander around as well. At one point, waxing empathetic for the plight of the common man, they magically create dinner for one homeless man.

    A boy with a ball runs up and says the Crew is trashing their Boys' Club, where they seem to think the bomb is. The Defenders run off to intercept them.

    Hulk runs in, but is knocked back out by Wrecker. They all go in, and get in a huge altercation that threatens the stability of the building. After a protracted fight, the Defenders win; Dr. Strange teleports the Wrecker's crow bar away to another dimension.

    The kids run up to congratulate them, and the Defenders realize that the kid's ball is actually the bomb. Strange hypnotizes the Hulk, turning him back to Bruce, and Bruce manages to disarm the bomb in the nick of time.

    The day has been saved, but Cage walks off, saying he blew it and doesn't deserved the reward.


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