The Defenders #18

    The Defenders » The Defenders #18 - Rampage! released by Marvel on December 1974.

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    The devastation of the Wrecking Crew continues! Plus, the introduction of a Gamma Bomb raises the stakes!

    The Defenders and the Wrecking crew prepare to battle, but are interrupted by the arrival of police. The Crew turns their attention to the cops, and the heroes are forced to spend time saving them instead of taking down the villains. Strange puts a mystic shield around them all, to focus their fight among themselves.

    In Vermont, Valkyrie continues her quest to find out more about the person whose body she inhabits--Barbara Norriss. Norriss went mad when she was the slave of a monster in another dimension, but Val wants to know who she was before that. Someone in town recognizes her, and decides he needs to tell "the boss" about it.

    The Defenders and Wrecking Crew battle. Luke Cage takes on Thunderball, then is attacked by Piledriver. Nighthawk takes down Piledriver with a crane, but Bulldozer then takes the crane out. Strange zaps Bulldozer, but Piledriver and Wrecker do a one-two on Strange, knocking him against some wreckage.

    Wrecker recalls the time he first gave the Wrecking Crew their powers. He had hired them to find his crowbar, and decided to share its powers with them.

    The Crew attacks again, but Strange uses his magic to try to drain the magic out of the Crew, since the power of the crowbar originally came from Karnilla, the Asgardian Norn Queen.

    However, the Hulk is outside Strange's mystic barrier, and breaks through to helpo his friends. The destruction of the barrier distracts Strange's concentration, and he fails to drain the Wrecking Crew.

    Hulk does, however, quickly join the fights against Bulldozer, Wrecker, and the others. Unfortunately, the destruction caused by this battle reveals the item the Crew was there to get in the first place. Thunderball picks up the gizmo and opens it, to find out that it's empty!


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