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Alpha the Ultimate Mutant is Magneto's newest creation. Are the Defenders powerful enough to defeat Alpha, Magneto and the Brotherhood?

Magneto reveals his "sleeper," created by alien technology: Alpha, the ultimate mutant, who looks like a grunting 12-foot-tall Neanderthal. Dr. Strange tries to ensorcell him, but fails. Hulk tries to beat him up, but Alpha creates a force-field that Hulk can't penetrate. Magneto collapses the exit to the caverns, and has Alpha teleport him and his evil mutants away, leaving the Defenders and Professor Xavier to contemplate Magneto's impending triumph.

The Defenders break their way out of the cavern, but their tunnel collapses on the Hulk before he can get out. However, he is fine and just smashes his way to safety. Professor X psychically finds Magneto in at the United Nations in New York, and they fly out to confront him.

Magneto has Alpha lift the United Nations building up into the air, holding the delegates hostage until they agree to let mutants rule the world. Alpha becomes more human looking each time he uses his power.

The Defenders arrive, and Alpha sends some animated rock men to stop them. However, the Defenders prevail. Once they come in and confront Alpha directly, it is another story. He turns Hulk to stone, gives Kyle vertigo, and turns Valkyrie's feet to putty. As he does, he reaches a big-brained state that can now understand the context of the situation better.

Professor X and Dr. Strange try to convince him that Magneto is evil and is only using Alpha. Alpha reads their minds, and agrees. He turns Magneto, Mastermind, Blob, Lorelei, and Unus into babies, brings the United Nations building back to Earth, and makes everyone besides the Defenders forget the whole incident.

Then Alpha leaves for space to more fully develop his mind.

Note: This issue contains Marvel Value Stamp Series A #44 The Absorbing Man.


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