The Defenders #146

    The Defenders » The Defenders #146 - Fun! released by Marvel on August 1985.

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    Travelling to New York to consult Doctor Strange about Angel’s eyes, the Defenders sense danger in Central Park! Also: the mystery of Andrea finally revealed!

    Angel is blind after last issue battle and Cloud is helping him to fly. Candy suggests that they add some more power to the team after losing Moondragon, and Beast jokes around by making a hologram of Thor and Hulk.

    Johnny Blaze and Roxanne leave after helping the Defenders last issue.

    In Manhattan, our mysterious jogger Andrea (shown in the last few issues) is with her boyfriend Tony in a bar, while everyone is attacked by and attracted to a strange guy, who compells everyone to keep on dancing like crazies. The guy calls himself Hotspur, and after hitting Tony, Andrea tries to attack him. She is clearly a powerful girl, because she can hit him very hard, but then he creates an illusion of fire to escape. No one else at the club remembers anything.

    The Defenders decide to go to New York for more tests on Angel's eyes, and stay at Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. There some strange things happen - a soldier named Nancy reveals herself to Cloud as an old friend and calls her sister, and also Gargoyle disappears. Valkyrie senses something is wrong at Central Park and they go investigate. There they find Hotspur doing a strange ritual with compelled people. The Defenders try to defeat him, but in vain. Then Andrea shows up to help them, revealing herself as Andromeda.


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