The Defenders #128

    The Defenders » The Defenders #128 - Assault on the Empire! released by Marvel on February 1984.

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    The Defenders…defeated!? With their hideout destroyed, the heroes are at their lowest…but has that ever stopped them before? Watch the Defenders take the fight to Professor Power - as always, in the Mighty Marvel manner!

    After the Secret Empire robots destroyed the Defenders' brownstone in New York last issue, they decide to move to Angel's home in the New Mexico Rockies as their new base.

    They fight amongst themselves, angry over their loss.

    Meanwhile Professor Power tries to brainwash Cloud, who recalls her past. She was a young child, living happily in the country when her home was attacked by the Secret Empire. Her parents seemed oddly unsurprised, and were killed. Seraph kidnapped her and brought her to the Empire. Back in the present, she attacks Power out of anger, but she is defeated.

    The Defenders continue to argue over what to do. Once again the question of leadership arises. Moondragon keeps using her powers for immoral means, such as controlling Beast's mind, and her Odin-created headband punishes her. Meanwhile Iceman and Angel, who are falling for her, feel sympathy for her that the other Defenders do not share. However, Moondragon says she learned the Empire's location using her psychic powers, and they go off to rescue her.

    Their quinjet crashes against the Empire's shields, and they only break in with difficulty, using teamwork. They are attacked by Secret Empire goons, Mutant Force, Mad-Dog, Seraph, and Harridan. The Defenders break past them but all feel their emotions going haywire.

    They run into Leviathan, who defeats them. When they wake up, Professor Power reveals that he had used devices to manipulate their wills, and also tells of his plan to kill the New Mutants, instead of them, in return for Charles' Xaviers' "killing" of Powers' son.


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