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Nick Fury shows the Defenders the prison that SHIELD has set up for Mad-Dog and Mutant Force. But when they ask where Harridan, Cloud, and Seraph are, since they also sent them to SHIELD a little while ago, Fury has no idea what they're talking about. They must have been freed by moles in his organization.

The Defenders return home to write the charter for their new team. Angel and Iceman are both falling in love with Moondragon, and everyone is feeling a little trepidation about the team. Both Beast and Valkyrie nominate themselves for leader, and bad feelings erupt. Angle flies off in a huff.

Meanwhile, the Secret Empire is planning to free Mad-Dog and the Mutant Force. They manage to free Leviathan from a SHIELD sub-basement prison, and he wreaks havoc. Angel sees him, and is joined by the other Defenders. The Defenders have a hard time getting their teamwork together, but ultimately gel, and defeat the giant.

However, Mad-Dog and the Mutant Force escape in the confusion.

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