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Out with the old. Meet the BRAND NEW Defenders!

This issue continues the explanation of several long-standing issues from long ago in Defenders history, officially disbands the original team of Defenders, and creates a new era of "New Defenders."

The Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange, Hulk, and Namor originally don't believe the Tribunal's story about how, in the future, they are destined to find an alien ship, all of whose inhabitants kill themselves, which somehow leads to the destruction of the Earth. Strange uses the Eye of Agomotto on the Tribunal, and finds that it is indeed true.

The Tribunal further explain: the alien ship came from the planet Mikkaz; the aliens are called the Kamado. They were a warrior race, and conquered many systems. However, the king's son, the prince, was a pacifist. He wanted nothing to do with their wars.

Meanwhile back in our time, the Beast, Iceman, and Gargoyle coem back from a night of drinking to find several surprises: Valkyrie is back, and is now trying to help Moondragon learn to set aside her ego and live a normal (i.e., non-evil) life on Earth. Moondragon, who considers herself a goddess, is not entirely on board with this idea, but Odin put a headband on her that keeps her from using her powers for evil. The others are not very excited to work with her either.

Angel, however, has also decided to come say hello and stay with them, and Beast and Iceman are very happy to see him.

However, Mad-Dog has been snooping around, and learns that the Defenders are going to Patsy Walker's (his ex-wife) wedding. He tells the Secret Empire.

The Tribunal explains that the alien prince gained a cult following and left his father's kingdom, eventually crashing on Earth. He and his followers killed themselves because they thought the Defenders were agents of his father, and he didn't want to return. His father is in fact trying to hunt him down--his honor requires that he destroy all evidence of the prince, including his body. So when they eventually find Earth, they seed it with a gas that kills all life, and ultimately destroys the entire planet.

The only way to avoid this, the Tribunal explains, is if the original Defenders break up, and never get back together again.

The current Defenders travel off to Patsy and Daimon's wedding. They have a good time, until Mad-Dog and the Mutant Force attack. After a difficult battle, the Defenders win and Patsy and Daimon are married.

Beast then asks Iceman, Angel, Gargoyle, and Valkyrie if they want to start an official standing team of Defenders, which has always officially been a non-team. They all say yes, and Moondragon (to Beast's disappointment) says she wants to join too.

The original Defenders return from their trip to the future to explain that they are breaking up so the world isn't destroyed, and give the new team their blessing.


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